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A New Year
It is spring of the 17th year of the reign of king Jocen Tagos II in the city of Kul Nos.  But all is not well… The monarch is rumored to be sick and frail, and the talk amongst the common folk is that not even the high priests of the Tor will be able to save him this time.  The plague that struck the lands last year took many lives, and fears are that the king will be yet another victim of the wasting sickness. With his strict and stern demeanor he wasn't necessarily well liked as a person, nevertheless, the king was strong in body and in his faith in the Tor, and the kingdom had known relative peace during his reign. Now however, nothing is certain as the king's young son is being prepared for the throne.

Stirrings to the South
Rumor has it that the goblinoid peoples were immune to the wasting plague that struck the lands of Kul Nos a year ago.  The numerous goblin raids as of late seem to fuel this assumption. Of much greater concern than a few goblin raids however were the hobgoblin armies of Xera'thul to the south. Fortunately, they are believed to be in a civil war at the moment. But if that ever resolves…

Raiders of Hooves and Horns
The minotaur of the northern regions have in years past been a pox on the lands during the summer season, raiding settlements and farms via sea and river.  Last year they were fought off successfully once again, but it is feared that after the recent plague, this years raids could be devastating.

Foreign Influence
The "Free Cities" to the East across the Winding Sea ply their trades with the lands ruled by Kul Nos, most notably with the city of Korub (just east of Kul Nos), but are also spreading their culture and religion, much to the irritation of the priests of the Tor.

The Mines of Korub
For the wealthy gnomes who own own the mines near Korub, the city is a bounty of privilege and pleasure.  For the majority of its citizens however, the city is a brief respite from the back-breaking labor in those mines. There are many taverns flush with alcohol, and many dealers of footweave and spice willing to help you forget your labors in exchange for some of your hard-earned silver.

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