The Knights of Tor (The Torine Order)
An order of paladins whose duty it is to protect the temples, safeguard the people, keep the order within the kingdoms, fight demonic influence, and spread the teachings of the Tor.

The Azure Mages
An order of mages based out of Kul Nos, and the officially sanctioned practitioners of arcane magic within the lands ruled by Kul Nos.  All members are wizards; sorcerers are viewed as unstable and dangerous, and warlocks are very nearly considered blasphemous to the Church of the Tor.

The Chaboozni
A monastic order where most of the practitioners live secluded lives in monasteries and teach travelers and pilgrims about Chaboozni.  It's central teaching is that all things are one, and that the universe and all living beings must maintain a balance.

The Diamond Fists
An order of monks who act as spies and warriors for the Torine Church.  Rumors are they also act as assassins for the Church, but this is denied vehemently.

The Dark Hearts
An order of cut-throats, thieves, and assassins. They operate in the shadows, often for the highest bidder. It is rumored that members have a tattoo of a heart on their wrist that can only be seen by others with the tattoo.


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