These are a few of the religious practices found in the territories in and around the kingdom of Kul Nos.

The Tor
The Tor is a series of religious teachings detailing the creation of the world and the cosmic balance.  It holds that there is an eternal war between the forces of Heaven, and those of the Abyss.  It is believed by many of the followers, and from the official teachings, that the Angels of the Heavens will win the Great War, bring about the end of the fiends, and with the 5 gods of creation, will reform the world as a paradise for true believers.   Temples to the Tor dot the land, and it is the official religion of the kingdom of Kul Nos.

The "Old Gods"
Before the teachings of the Tor came to this land, and before the founding of Kul Nos, the people of this region revered the ancient gods of the trees and animals.  This native animism is generally discouraged, but tolerated by the clerics of Kul Nos, who tend to look down their noses at the druids of the old gods — believing it will just take time for the farmers, ranchers, and other country folk to abandon these old ways and fully embrace the teachings of the Tor.

The Faceless One
Its followers believe the Faceless One was once a mortal, elevated to immortality through ancient magics. They form cults around currying his (or her) favor and possibly gaining some knowledge of this power.  Worship of The Faceless One is technically outlawed in the lands under the rule of Kul Nos, the clerics of the Tor believing the faith acts as a patron to thieves and assassins at best, a front for demon worship at worst.  This has succeeded only in driving the cult underground, usually protected by thieves guilds.  Agents of the Tor rarely hunt down these cults unless they become a nuisance.

The Burning Man
A foreign god just recently finding followers amongst the people of Korub (a city ruled by Kul Nos), and brought to this city from the Free Cities of the east across the Winding Sea (some say expelled from the Free Cities…).  The priests of the Burning Man preach that all must be cleansed in the righteous flames of rebirth. The that institutions and  governments controlled by the rich and powerful, are to be torn down and society reforged to a anarchic paradise where all are equal under the Flames.  The religion of the Burning Man only recently came to Kul Nos, and those claiming to be in the know say a crackdown by agents of the Tor is coming.

A dark and brooding god from the savage lands in the north, he is revered by many of the tribes there.  Not much is known other than he despises weakness, and if you garner his attention, that is generally a bad thing.  His name is invoked by his followers more as a curse than anything else.

The Chaboozni
The followers of this monastic order believe that all things are connected by Chaboozni, and that there is a cosmic balance that maintains itself in eternal equilibrium.  To be at peace is to be in balance with the Chaboozni.  Both wandering and secluded monks make up the clergy of this philosophy/religion.


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