For languages I am doing something a little different.  There won't be many traditional racial languages like halfling, orcish, etc, I just don't like the idea of every gnome in the world knowing a common language, etc.  There will be a few "racially-named" languages, but mostly the ones available to starting characters are below (note, these are not all the languages, just the ones possible to have heard of around the area of Kul Nos).  Everyone knows Talli, plus any bonus languages for their background.  You would need a reason, or something in your character's background, to have an "exotic" language.  

This is a work in progress…  More languages will be added as the party advances and learns more about surrounding areas.

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet Commonality
Talli Around Kul Nos, and in the surrounding areas, the common language.  Used as a trading language around the Winding Sea. Tal common ( the "common" language of the region)
Vogos Northern barbarian tongue, spoken by minotaur and orcs in that region too.  Believed a mix of Talli, Gos, and some tribal languages. Gos/Tal* common
Hallon Spoken across the Winding Sea in the lands east past the Free Cities.  Very similar to Talli. Tal common
Dwar An older language, originally believed from the east, but widely used by engineers and alchemists all over for mathematical descriptions. Named after the dwarf engineers who lore says created it. Dwar common
Gos Spoken in the south, many goblinoids from that region speak it, as do those who trade with them. Gos common
Pfon Ancient language believed to have been widely used in these parts many centuries ago, precursor to Talli, Hallon, and possibly others. Tal exotic
Xe'ne Ancient language from the west. Common folklore is the language and those who use it are by nature corrupt. Scholars find this belief ridiculous. Xe exotic
Me'loc Present day language spoken in the west far past Kul Nos.  Not found commonly in these parts. Xe exotic

* Both alphabets have been observed used, regionally dependent most likely.




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