PC's will be starting in the city of Korub, about 45 miles east of Kul Nos.  It is a city of over 10,000 people, fairly large by relative standards and hosting a wide variety of people.  From local human and dwarven miners and loggers working in the forests and mines just to the north, to men and women and elves from the northern wilds, to traders and travelers from across the Winding Sea, to farmers and ranchers from the surrounding fertile fields.

I have a hand-drawn map of the area, but still working on getting one done with my mapping tool, so I don't have any maps to post yet.

As for what you can play… right now I am allowing any of the races and classes listed in the Player's Handbook.  Nothing supplemental as of yet until we get the hang of the system.

We will be using, by popular demand, the 4d6 take the best 3, and arrange the 6 values as desired.  You can then do this a second time, and take whichever set of 6 abilities you like the most.  You cannot mix and match individual scores, just choose between the two sets.

For languages see the languages page off the main wki page.


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