Fizwro Zeno

An old wizard, owner of a curiosity shop, teller of tales


An old human male, with a log white beard and a balding head. He is usually dressed in a brightly colored, if a bit frayed, robe. And he is never found without his gnarled wooden staff.


Fizwro is the owner and proprietor of The Curiosity Shop, a small store just off Main Street in Korub. The shop is filled with an odd assortment of knickknacks and doodads he claims are from around the world and which hold various degrees of mystical properties. The shop is also notable in that there are several birds that nest in the rafters, and often one will be perched on his shoulders when a customer drops by.

He closes his shop for a couple of hours every afternoon to wander over to a local tavern, the Droopy Dragon, to tell yarns to children and patrons alike. Few believe his tall tales, as they are usually quite over the top, and no one has seen him cast as much as a first level spell. Nonetheless he is loved by the kids and many of the patrons alike, and usually gets a few free ales for his storytelling.

His trusty dog Neeko is always by his side, usually asleep.

Fizwro Zeno

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