The Realms of Oosular

The Dungeon of the Black Swords

Fizwo spitting out lore...

Freeing Fizwro in the dungeon where his dog Neeko lead them, the party finds out a few tidbit of lore:

A little over 1000 years ago, the lands that include Korub and Kul Nos were ruled but a supposed "god-king" named Zaa who had originally come from the far West.  He ruled the lands for around a century, before being defeated by an alliance between the "Snakemen" (Akkas), a large cult who had ruled the land before he did, and the Black Swords who where an order of knights sworn to kill Zaa once and for all.  After their victory over Zaa however, the Black Swords were betrayed by Akkas and slaughtered.  A few of the survivors apparently were tortured and buried alive in their own dungeon/crypt.  

The Akkas defeated the knights, but they themselves mysteriously disappeared, leaving the lands in a tribal feudalism and war for the next 600 or so years, when people from the East across the Winding Sea, came to this area and carved out Kul Nos in the name of the Tor, their religion.  That was almost 300 years ago.

Who were the good guys?  The Black Swords, Zaa, or the Akkas?  The party is not sure yet, they found some books indicating that Zaa's reign was apparently one of prosperity and that the knights were on a "dark crusade".  But whether that was truth or propaganda is unknown…



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